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Beyond Main Street …

Welcome to Beyond Main Street … where we take you beyond all of the marquee attractions the Berkshires are best known for. Here you’ll find little hidden gems you won’t find on any tourist map, and things to do that only locals know about – like the best bars for live music … the best trail runs and out-of-the-way hiking spots … the best place to catch a sunset … practice yoga and meditation … even snowshoe. If you really want to make the most of your Berkshires experience, you can talk to the locals … or simply read our blog.

Berkshires' Most Instagram-Worthy Spots

We’ve created a list of some pretty awesome destinations throughout the Berkshires that you won’t want to miss out on experiencing. The great photos you will capture are just an added bonus.
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Fresh Gift Ideas in the Berkshires

Things are different here in the Berkshires. Our idea of holiday shopping involves a good old fashion holiday market. These festive marketplaces showcase unique, one-of-a-kind offerings by local artisans, designers and farmers.

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A Taste of the Berkshires Culinary Scene

I was sitting in one of my favorite little out-of-the-way dining spots recently. I was on my second or third bite of a terrific turkey rueben when it hit me. The food and beverage scene has come a long way in what was once the sleepy little Berkshires.
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Raise a Pint to Breweries in the Berkshires

Yes. There are craft beer breweries in the Berkshires. In fact, some of New England’s most savory suds are brewed right here in the Shire. They are expertly crafted brews painstakingly created by local breweries that take as much pride in the quality of their product as their sales figures.
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Hit the Trail This Winter

It’s been my experience that there are two ways to get through a winter in the Berkshires. You can stay cooped up indoors and pray for spring. Or you can get out there and take advantage of all of the winter sports activities that blow in with the first snow. I can tell you firsthand that the cold months go by a lot faster when you do the latter.
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Fall Hiking in the Berkshires

Just last week I looked up and suddenly realized summer’s pretty much done. Yep. The days are getting cooler. The nights chillier.  The apples are ripe for picking. And it won’t be long until it’s time for one of our favorite fall pastimes – leaf peeping.  
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