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About Us

We are owners, operators, developers and designers of independent hotels.

We make hotels that matter. Places that engage both our guests and our community.
We build things that last. We create places with soul and purpose.

Our hotels are places that resonate for our guests and staff  and enable them to connect in meaningful ways.
Memories, objects, experiences and moments are combined with top notch service and hospitality.
A powerful blend.

We stay connected to our roots. We are a family business. Three generations of hotel operators deeply committed to
providing genuine hospitality. We believe graciousness and compassion are vital
to our promise. We are not typically corporate in our approach. As leaders in our communities we are
convinced that being profitable and being responsible are mutually inclusive.

Our team is strong and experienced.
They combine a love of place and passion for what they do with world class capability, intelligence and humor.

Our business is built on a love of hospitality and a desire to grow in a way that adds value for all involved.

Below represents three generations of family leadership.
Nancy Fitzpatrick, Jane Fitzpatrick, Sarah Eustis

Key Strengths

Owner Relations
Highly responsive to the expectations of owners and accountable for results

Guest Satisfaction
Highest levels of guest satisfaction across properties

Proven commitment to preserving and nurturing our owners’ assets

Revenue Generation
Integrated and entrepreneurial approach to marketing, sales and revenue management

Creating Places
Establish and maintain a physical and emotional sense of place that resonates with guests and locals alike

Our Culture
Strong positive culture motivates staff and increases retention

Our Team
Deeply committed leadership team with world class experience