Memories Matter


Guests visit our hotels and return again and again to relax and enjoy the changing seasons in New England. Summers are filled with music, theater and dance. Crisp and colorful autumns, snowy Norman Rockwell Christmases with hot chocolate by the fire and delicious meals fill the hearts of our guests with memories of a lifetime. And of course, everyone remembers rocking the hours
away on the famous front porch at The Red Lion Inn.


Combining the best of New England, the Berkshires and Stockbridge, our brand partnerships and retail endeavors offer treasure boxes of memories for our visitors and serve to amplify recognition of our brand throughout the region and across the country. As we form partnerships through select licensing opportunities we are focused on those areas which capture the memories of our guests and are genuine reflections of our very special brand of hospitality.

We like to work with partners who share our love of hospitality, who like us share a commitment to long-term brand development and a rigorous commitment to quality production and distribution.

Currently we are actively exploring home furnishings, food, personal care and toys. If you are a partner seeking new alliances, please contact:

Selina Lamb
Director of Retail Operations and Product Development

The Red Lion Inn Gift Shop

Often guests visit the Gift Shop at The Red Lion Inn to take home a bit of everyday life from The Red Lion Inn. Our branded products range from home goods to food and wine. A curated collection of products made by local artisans are also for sale.